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Are Military Grade MREs the Type You Need?

When researching what brand or type of MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) you want to buy, it’s important to consider what youíll be using it for. The most important choice is whether youíll want a military grade MRE or civilian grade.

Will you be keeping it in your car for emergencies? Will you be storing it in your basement in case of natural or manmade disasters? These are long term applications, and civilian MREs just arenít made to last as long as military grade. Keep in mind that the warmer the storage area, the shorter the shelf life, regardless of which grade you choose.

Will you use your MREs for a quick meal when out camping, hunting, or hiking? This may be a great choice, as you wonít need to carry extra water, which is heavy. Both civilian and military grade MREs come ready to eat right out of the package. However, military grade MREs tend to come far more complete. Not only do they have the entree and the bread item with a spread that the civilian brands tend to come with, but they also will have a snack, a dessert, a beverage powder, and an accessory kit that will provide a napkin, a utensil, and moreóeverything you need to eat your meal, all in one convenient package. Some military MRE cases may even come with the FRHóthe Flameless Ration Heater.

Another consideration is, are you a casual user of the MRE, or are you a military enthusiast, whose purist tastes compel you to purchase the exact same items that your military uses? If thatís the case, military grade will be a must for you, especially if you or whoever you are feeding requires a certain number of calories. Civilian meals tend to skimp on the nutrition, leaving big men or active persons feeling lethargic.

People looking to buy MREs just to round out their emergency supplies may not mind if their civilian MREs are missing components or are a bit light on the nutrition, but a preparedness enthusiast may want to take a closer look at the line of MREs he is considering, before plunking down that hard-earned money.

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