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Looking For MRE For Sale In Bulk?

Are you searching for MRE for sale in bulk? If so, you have come to the right place. In case you plan to stockpile several weeks worth of food to face any future emergency, buying MRE for sale in bulk is the best option for you. In fact, many suppliers will offer attractive discounts when you buy MREs in bulk. You can save a lot of money in the process. On the other hand, you won’t have to rush for food items in the aftermath of a hurricane or any other emergency when you have stored enough food items to face any kind of future emergency. That is why it is important that you plan to buy MRE for sale in bulk. There are many things to consider when buying meals ready to eat in bulk quantities. Here are some things you need to know about MREs and why you should order them in bulk quantities.

What Is An MRE Or A Meal-Ready-To-Eat?

An MRE is a self-contained complete meal that is designed to sustain a person when he or she doesn’t have access to normal food supplies. The pouch contains a meal that is fully-cooked and ready to eat as it is. The individual can consume the meal by just taking it out of the pouch. In fact, you don’t have to do anything in order to prepare the meal for consumption. If you like a warm meal, there is an option for that also. There is a flameless ration heater (FRH) in every pouch – which you can use to heat the contents in the pouch. You only need a few drops of water to warm the meal to the desired levels. A chemical reaction is performed when a few drops of water is mixed with magnesium. The oxidation process that results helps heat the contents in the pouch. An MRE is nutritionally balanced with 1,200 to 1,500 calories per pack depending on the package you purchase. The calories come from 51% of carbohydrates, 13% of proteins, and 36% of fat in the contents. Also, the meal contains 1/3 of the US Military recommended daily allowance of minerals and vitamins. Hence, you will get a complete and nutritionally balanced meal when you buy MREs for emergency purposes.

The contents of an MRE can vary depending on the brand and type of package you choose. But the average MRE will contain an entree such as pork, beef, or chicken – a side dish such as vegetables starch or soup – a dessert such as cookies, chocolate bar or piece of fruit – a snack item such as candy, pretzels or trail mix – a beverage such as tea, coffee or a fruit drink – and accessories such as a wet napkin, the flameless ration heater (FRH), creamer, salt, sugar, and pepper. The MRE will taste similar to any other canned food item on the market. Since the MRE isn’t dehydrated and cooked using its own sauce, the contents will retain all the natural juices and flavors. That is where an MRE differs from most of the other canned or packaged foods on the market. The contents of the meal are tender and moist and more palatable compared to most of the other packaged foods on the market.

The Origins Of MRE

The meals ready to eat was first adopted as a combat ration for the US Military by the Department of Defense in 1975. The large scale MRE test was commenced in 1978 with the first batch being delivered in 1981. In fact, MRE 1 (1981) was the first date of the pack. A field evaluation was conducted by the 25th Infantry Division in 1981 for 34 days. The troops ate nothing but MREs throughout the day. The product was rated as being acceptable but only about 60% of the troops had consumed the meal. Hence, the consumption was a bit lower than what the military expected. Another test – involving the same division – was conducted in 1986 and the consumption increased this time around. A significant number of changes were made to the meals based on the results of these tests. In 1988, 9 out of the twelve entrees were replaced with new entrees. In fact, the size of the entree was also changed from 5oz. to 8oz. Commercial candies were also added to some of the menus. The meal was enhanced with more items and beverages being added to it.

The MREs became extremely popular during the operation of Desert Storm – where the troops ate MREs for much longer than they were initially intended. Although the original plan was to feed the troops with MREs for 10 days, the troops ate MREs for more than 60 days. More changes took place over the next few years. These changes helped make MREs more palatable and acceptable by the US Military. In fact, the product was commercialized in 1994. Since then, MREs are being used both in the US Military as well as by survivalist groups out there. The product became quite popular with the survivalist groups such as campers, field workers, and homeowners who stockpiled MREs to use during an emergency situation.

How Is The MRE Packed?

The modern meal ready to eat comes in a pouch that is made of thick, flexible aluminum and plastic layers. It is lighter than a can and has a flat shape to easily carry and store. The package is thermo-stabilized in order to improve the shelf-life of the product. You don’t have to refrigerate the package to prolong its shelf life. Also, the package is designed in order to withstand adverse and rough weather conditions. It is officially known as a tri-laminate retort pouch. The package should be opened from the top and the contents are easily accessible from there. The package is designed to withstand the worst weather conditions out there. In fact, it is designed so that the pouch can be shipped under extreme conditions to any part of the world. The package can survive an extreme parachute drop. That is why an MRE is considered the best option when you are facing an emergency situation such as a hurricane, floods, rainstorms, or any other adverse weather condition.

How To Eat An MRE?

An MRE is a meal that is ready to eat once taken out of the package. You can consume all the contents immediately after taking out of the pouch. In fact, you don’t need to add water or do anything else to prepare the meal for consumption. Just cut the pouch from the top and consume the contents as it is. But if you like to have a warm meal, the package comes with an FRH or flameless ration heater. You need to add a few drops of water to heat the meal. That is only if you want to have a warm meal. If not, you don’t have to do anything but just consume the contents once you open the pouch. That is why MREs are quite advantageous to individuals who are in the survival industry. They can save a lot of time that would have been spent on preparing meals thanks to the ready to eat meals.

An MRE can last for more than 3-5 years with the right type of storage. It is one of the food items with the longest shelf life. The average MRE is designed to have a shelf life of three years when it is stored at 80 degrees F. But the lifespan of the package is extended to ten years when it is stored at 60 degrees F. Temperatures that are higher than 60 degrees F will shorten the shelf life of an MRE. In fact, there have been instances where MREs have been fine even when they have been on the shelf for 10-15 years. The only exception was some discoloration. But the food still tasted good. The acceptable nutrient content was fine even the shelf life of the product has been extended. That is why MREs are considered some of the best survival food items on the market today. Freezing the package won’t destroy the food items inside the package. But if you repeatedly freeze the package, the pouch will tend to stretch and stress out quite easily. That way the shelf life of the product will be affected. Repeated freezing will cause a break in the layers of the laminated material and could damage the food in the process. The pouch is normally made to withstand more than 1,000 flexes. But when you freeze the package repeatedly, the chances of its failure will increase by a certain percentage. In fact, if you freeze an MRE package and then thaw it out, it should be consumed the same way you will consume any other thawed commercial food in your home.

How Many MREs You Need?

The number of MRE packages you require will depend on the number of individuals you plan to feed and the number of days that you plan to feed these people. One meal is ideal per person per day. You get all the vital nutrients for the day in one MRE. Hence, your fitness will be maintained in order to deal with any type of adverse condition that you are in. An MRE is mostly used under emergency circumstances such as a flood, hurricane, storm, or any other emergency situation. MREs are shipped around the world in this day and age. The commercial use of MREs has increased by leaps and bounds today compared to 5-6 years ago. On the other hand, today’s MRE manufacturers can customize the meal to meet all your personal and budget requirements. That is where you should find a reputable MRE supplier on the market. With a host of suppliers out there choosing the right one isn’t an easy task. There are many factors to look for when choosing the right supplier for MRE for sale in bulk.

Your research becomes so important when you are searching for a supplier to buy MREs in bulk quantities. The supplier should have a good reputation in the industry. They should have extensive experience in the manufacturing of MREs or meals ready to eat. Do your research using the internet since it is the best place to start your search for the best MRE supplier on the market. A search on Google will give you an extended list of MRE suppliers in the area. You should check the background of every supplier before you find the right supplier to order MREs in bulk quantities.

There are many advantages to ordering MREs in bulk quantities. The most important advantage is the discount you get when ordering the product in bulk quantities. You can save a lot of money when you order them in bulk. On the other hand, you will have a reasonable stock of MREs to cater to any emergency in the future. You can customize the product to meet your personal, business, and budget requirements when you plan to order them in bulk quantities. That is why you should be looking for a supplier that offers ready to eat meals in bulk quantities.

Individuals in the survival industry like to stockpile several weeks worth of food items in order to make use of them during an emergency. In fact, this is a very common thing that people do today. People are able to choose from a wide variety of MRE suppliers today. They have a wide range of meals and snacks to choose from compared to 4-5 years ago. That is why MREs have become so popular with the majority of survivalist groups out there. As a rule of thumb, you should have at least one weeks of food supplies stocked up for every member of your family. For example, in case you have five members in your family, you should have at least 5 weeks of food supplies stored in your basement. It is recommended that you purchase the items from a reliable supplier out there so that you will get a discount for purchasing the items in bulk quantities. You should be taking advantage of this type of discount when buying stocks in bulk. That is the most important benefit of buying MREs in bulk quantities.

The storage of MREs should depend on where you reside in the United States. For example, if you reside along the Southeast coast of the United States, you should be prepared for hurricanes since hurricanes are prevalent in this region. A strong hurricane can knock out the power supply for weeks as we have seen in the past. Food and water supply become quite difficult during the aftermath of a hurricane. If you have stored food in the refrigerator, they will spoil long before you get back the power supply. That is why you should have food supplies stored in your home to face such emergencies. There are no better food items to be stored than an MRE since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated for consumption. You can take the content out of the pouch and consume it immediately. The shelf life of an MRE is quite long. You can store such food items anywhere in your home – between 60-80 degrees F. When the MREs are stored under such temperatures, they can easily last for more than 5-7 years. Hence, you can face any emergency situation with a good stockpile of meals ready to eat in your home. That is why you should be purchasing ready to eat meals in bulk quantities from a reliable MRE supplier on the market.

Where To Buy MREs For Sale In Bulk?

If you are searching for MREs for sale in bulk quantities, you should be choosing the right supplier for the purchase. There are many places where you can find a good supplier on the market. In fact, most of the Army Surplus stores are the best places to buy MREs in bulk quantities. You will always find quality MRE products in these places. But these products are a bit expensive compared to the other suppliers on the market. On the other hand, you can find reliable MRE suppliers on eBay. You can find a whole range of MRE products on eBay. There are different types, cases, quantities, and menus to choose from when you choose this option. There are many other commercial MRE suppliers such as Eversafe, XMRE, Wornick, and a list of other commercial suppliers. Make sure you research each one of these suppliers to check the reputation, credentials, experience, customer feedback, and quality of the company before you place the order. It is important that you buy from a company that offers attractive discounts when buying MREs in bulk quantities. That is the best way to save money in the process.

What To Consider When Buying MREs in Bulk?

Although most consumers are aware of military-grade MREs, the majority of them aren’t aware of commercial MRE suppliers on the market. In fact, it is important that you look for a reliable commercial MRE supplier on the market when buying bulk quantities. Although you will find a list of commercial MRE suppliers on the market, all of them are not created the same. XMRE is one of the top-notch wholesale MRE suppliers on the market today. This company specializes in manufacturing high-quality wholesale ready to eat meals. The XT series is one of the most popular ranges of bulk MREs on the market today. In fact, the XT series comes in a wide variety of options such as 3,000 XT, 2,000 XT, 1,300 XT, and 1,000 XT. These are the calorie values of the products. In fact, the 2,000 XT meal will cover an entire day of supply. If you want a low-calorie version of MRE, you can opt for the XMRE Lite product range. The calorie value of this package is between 600 to 900. Hence, they are ideal for anyone who is conscious of the number of calories he or she intakes per day. The company also has a Halal range to suit the requirements of any type of buyer on the market. The MREs are packed in boxes that contain 12 packs when you decide to order MREs wholesale or in bulk quantities. In fact, this is the biggest size that is legally permitted for sale in the United States. You can buy as many cases as you like.

It is important that you select the right entree and other meal items in the package that you plan to order. The menu will play an important role when you are ordering MREs in bulk quantities. On the other hand, you can even customize the package to suit your needs and budget. The civilian MRE is more expensive compared to military MREs. They contain only 6 entrees in the pouch compared to 9-12 in military packs. But you have the option to customize the meals ready to eat package depending on your specifications when you buy them wholesale.

Today, it is always good to have a solid plan for the future. The weather is uncertain in most parts of the country. Hence, you should have a stockpile of food items in your home to face any kind of emergency situation. But refrigerated food items are not the best in such circumstances. They will perish soon since the power supply will be out for weeks during an emergency situation. That is where a product such as the meal ready to eat comes in handy. You can easily stockpile MREs in your home to survive for months and even years. MREs have a shelf life of 5-7 years under normal circumstances. If you store them under the right conditions, they will last for more than 8 years without any problem. Make sure you buy them in bulk quantities when ordering meals ready to eat. Buy from the right supplier to get the best ROI for the money you spent on bulk MREs.

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